Bathtub and Motel Bent Telephone Pole Blank Sign Boat and Mountain Boat in the Yard Bridge and Spire Broken Telephone Pole Cactus and Towers Cactus Building 2 Cactus Building Can't Stop Palm and Canon Cans and Mountain Car and Mountains Car and Trailer Cattle Wagon Cattle Wagon 2 Church and Train Church on Hill Concrete Pile Concrete Pile 2 Cranes and Trees Cross and River Desert Road Dirt Piles 1 Dirt Piles 2 Dry Water Canal Fallen Palms Fence and Water Feilds and Mountains Feild and Mountains 2 Feild and Mountains 3 Fresh Air Sign Fridge and Trailer Gas Station Green Feild and Dry Mountain Hose and Telephone Pole Joshua Tree Land Sale Sign Metal Tank Motel at Yucca, AZ Mountain and Blank Sign Mountain and Fence Mountain and Tower Old Building and Mountain Old Building Interior Old House CA Palm and Gas Station Palm and Cell Tower Power Lines and Mountain 1 Power Lines and Mountain 2 Powerlines Road Closed Road Closed 2 Road Signs and Mountains Road Trees and Power Lines RV Park and Palms Sale Sign and Telephone Lines Scarecrow Sewage Sign Shacks Shelter Pool and Palms Telephone Pole and Mountains Telephone Poles and Palms Tires and Road Towers and Water Towers and Jet Trail Tracks in Sand and River Train and Mountains Truck and Rocks Truck on Pole Vidal Station 1 Vidal Station 2 Water Canal and Pipe Water Canal Wind Farm Wind Farm Water Tank Water Tank